I guide and support my clients through the real estate investment process — protecting their rights and helping them achieve their objectives. To set up a fully confidential initial consultation, contact me today.

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International Real Estate Investments

Before making an investment in international real estate, there are a number of different complicated legal issues that must be considered and addressed.

Countries all around the world have unique property laws, ownership regulations, reporting requirements, and tax rules that could potentially impact a foreign real estate transaction. If you are preparing to invest in international real estate, it is essential that you seek professional guidance.

I guide and support my clients through the investment process — protecting their rights and helping them achieve their objectives. To set up a fully confidential initial consultation, contact me today.

How I Can Help You With International Real Estate Investments

If you are investing in real estate, I’m here to help. As a Miami international real estate investment attorney, I assist individual investors and businesses with a wide range of real estate law issues.

Among other things, I handle:

  • Negotiation of real estate transactions;
  • Due diligence of real estate purchase agreements;
  • Trust and corporate structures to hold real estate;
  • Verification of ownership and other matters of due diligence;
  • Rental agreements and property management issues;
  • Commercial real estate investments;
  • Joint ventures and other complex investments;
  • Development of real estate projects
  • Real estate financing issues, including mortgages; and
  • International real estate taxation.

Foreign real estate investments are exceptionally complicated financial transactions. You need  legal counsel who has an in-depth understanding of all of the potential issues that could affect your interests. I work closely with local co-counsel on the above-named matters.

Representation for Americans Looking to Invest in Foreign Real Estate

Investing in international real estate can be a great choice. When it is done properly, it is an effective way to open profitable opportunities and to diversify investment holdings.

At the same time, foreign real estate comes with some substantial risks. American investors need to know that they can reliably get their money into a country, get their money out of a country, and rely on local laws to protect their investments.

In far too many cases, investors sustain losses in international real estate because they fail to perform the adequate level of due diligence. This is where a foreign real estate investment lawyer can make all of the difference.

Investing in international real estate comes with a number of different challenges. As an example, obtaining financing can sometimes be more difficult. In addition, international investors must be able to figure out how to navigate the laws of both countries, effectively structure the transaction, and comply with all relevant tax requirements. I have a network of trusted co-counsel in many foreign jurisdictions.

Representation for German Speakers Investing in Real Estate in America

I regularly help foreign investors navigate the complex set of federal, state, and local regulations that govern real estate transactions in the United States. I have a deep understanding of real estate investment in America — and I can assist international investors in getting access to this market. I will guide you through local procedures and ensure that your transaction is completed in the most efficient manner, all while protecting your legal rights and financial interests.

Most often, I represent international investors and foreign corporations from German-speaking countries who are considering obtaining property in America. If you are a resident of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or any other German-speaking region, and you are considering investing in real estate in the United States, I’m here to help. I can assist you in purchasing real estate through a domestic trust or other legal entity.

Understanding the Tax Implications of International Real Estate Investment

A foreign real estate transaction could have major tax implications. As an international real estate investment attorney, I am uniquely qualified to advise clients on international tax matters.

In my career, I have handled U.S. and foreign tax issues on behalf of real estate investors along with foreign and domestic corporations. I work closely with local co-counsel in many jurisdictions.

Tax issues must be considered before a transaction is finalized. You do not want to be stuck with an unexpected tax burden or tax penalties. In addition, it is crucial that real estate investors comply with all relevant state, federal, and international tax regulations — including reporting requirements. Notably, all U.S. persons are required to report foreign earnings or capital gains from foreign real estate investments even if there may be no additional tax burden in the United States due to the foreign tax credit.

The bottom line: investing in international real estate is a complex endeavor. The importance of tax issues cannot be overlooked. You need an attorney who truly understands global tax law.

I will make sure that your purchase or sale of real property is structured in the proper manner so that you can minimize unnecessary tax exposure.

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I have the skills and experience needed to represent Americans investing in property overseas and German-speakers investing in the United States.

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