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Business Law

The modern corporate environment demands thorough and effective business planning.

Whether you are forming a new company, preparing to buy or sell a business, negotiating with shareholders or investors, or getting ready to complete a major commercial transaction, it is essential that you protect the legal rights and interests of your business.

The primary duty of a business law attorney is to save a company money. That may be done through the proper structuring of business operations, facilitation of smooth and efficient transactions, assistance with taxation or regulatory matters, or protecting the company from facing potential liability.

Throughout my career I worked mainly with closely held companies engaging in international trade or business. I think like an entrepreneur and I understand the importance of careful business planning and risk mitigation. I offer investors and corporate clients peace of mind counseling and the attentive and fully personalized legal representation that they rightly deserve.

I handle international business law matters — representing American companies doing business abroad and clients from the German-speaking world looking to do business in America. To arrange a strictly confidential initial consultation with an experienced business law attorney, contact me today.

Business Law Services I Offer to Clients in America and Abroad

International Distribution and Agency Agreements

Selling goods in another country is the basis for international trade and globalization. In today’s volatile international markets, it is more important than ever to structure your foreign business dealings properly and plan ahead to avoid conflict down the road. I assist international trade companies and e-commerce businesses in designing their “beach head strategy”. Making sure their marketing needs are met and how to deal with underperformance issues, exclusivity and non-competes as well as exit strategies if necessary. Every international distribution agreement or agency agreement is unique and requires careful drafting and negotiation. I also have experience in drafting logistics, warehousing and fulfillment agreements.

Service Agreements

Today’s prevalent service industry is regulated by service agreements. Before entering into a service agreement it is important to clearly define the parties, and services performed, as well as the fee structure. Protecting confidential and proprietary information is also a crucial issue in this day and age. Every service agreement needs individual attention, careful drafting and negotiation.

Employment Agreements

All employment agreements should be drafted, negotiated, and reviewed by an experienced legal professional. For many employees — especially highly compensated employees and corporate board members or company insiders — a standardized employment agreement will simply not be effective.

I structure employment agreements that work best for all parties involved. Whether you are seeking to include a complex compensation package, a non-compete agreement, a confidentiality clause, or any other contract provision, I’m here to help.

Outside Legal Counsel

I offer outside legal counsel services to startups and established enterprises. I handle every contract  or regulatory matter, including contract drafting, negotiation and due diligence for an affordable monthly flat fee.

Foreign Real Estate Investments

I help individual and corporate clients with real estate investments and other related issues. Among many other related services, I can help you understand the tax implications of foreign real estate investment and minimize your total tax exposure.    

Business Immigration Issues

Under U.S. immigration law, businesses and corporations have certain immigration options available. I assist clients with business immigration issues — including corporate compliance and investment visas. I have helped international clients obtain the full range of business and investor visas, including B-1 visas, E-2 treaty investor visas, and EB-5 immigrant investor visas. I also have experience with L-1 visas, which are designed for multinational intra-company transferees. Regardless of the specific nature of your company’s needs, I can help you find and utilize the best available business immigration option. 

International and Domestic Business Taxation

Proper tax planning can save investors and corporations a substantial amount of money. The more complicated the transactions that your business is involved in, the more it could benefit from seeking professional legal guidance.

Having worked as a tax attorney at boutique CPA firms for high net worth individuals and international entrepreneurs for eight years. I also think like an entrepreneur and I am uniquely qualified to handle international business and tax issues. I represent clients in Miami, South Florida, the United States, Germany, and other regions who are engaged in complex international business operations.

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I handle a wide variety of global business law matters, including representing U.S. firms looking to invest abroad and companies from German-speaking countries considering doing business in America. If you need business law guidance, I’m ready to help.

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