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International Tax Law

In the modern business world, many companies and investors operate in multiple jurisdictions.

If your company has investments or business dealings in more than one country, it can create enormous complexity. Among a wide range of other issues, businesses need to consider the tax implications.

Without proper planning, investors or businesses could potentially face double taxation or even penalties for failing to properly report income or comply with tax regulations..

You need an international tax attorney who can create and implement a strategy that will effectively protect the best interests of you and your company.

I represent American clients looking to do business abroad and clients from the German-speaking world preparing to invest or do business in the United States. I work closely with your local CPA or tax attorney to ensure international tax compliance.

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Understanding International Taxation

Multinational corporations and global investors must know how to protect their financial interests. When commercial activity occurs in another country or profits are derived in a foreign country, there almost certainly will be some tax implications.

Investors and companies should always be aware of the tax rules in every jurisdiction in which they are doing business. It is important to understand that every cross-border transaction, be it formation of a company, setting up a distributorship, agency or investing in foreign real estate has international tax implications.

To understand international taxation is to understand that international tax law is first and foremost national tax law. The first step is to determine if a transaction is taxable under national law. If it is taxable under the national laws of two countries at the same time, then in a second step one needs to determine if tax treaties can avoid double taxation. In my practice I work mainly with clients from countries that have tax treaties with the United States.

Notably, the United States has tax treaties with many foreign countries. These treaties sometimes offer reduced tax rates or important tax exemptions — but there are also plenty of exceptions.

No matter the specific nature of your business operations, I can help.

Legal Services I Offer in International Tax Law

I offer a full range of international tax law services to my clients.

Primarily, I can help you understand your legal obligations and minimize your total tax burden.

Specifically, as an international tax attorney, I assist clients with:

  • Domestic and international tax planning;
  • Cross-border real estate investment and estate tax issues;
  • Minimization of international corporate tax liability;
  • Deal structuring and related tax matters;
  • Cross-border M&A of small and medium sized businesses and international taxation.
  • Pre-immigration tax planning.
  • International estate tax matters

If you have any specific international tax questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. With tax issues, it is always best to be proactive. I will get you the answers that you need to protect your interests.

International Tax Law: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If I Owe International Taxes?

It is not always easy to know how much, if any, international tax liability you or your company will have.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that American companies operating outside of the United States and foreign investors/corporations operating within the United States will typically be forced to deal with some international tax issues.

The specific tax obligations and your ability to access exemptions will depend entirely on the nature of your investments or business operations. It is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced international tax lawyer who can conduct a comprehensive review of the unique circumstances of your business.  

What Type of Actions Could Subject a Company/Individual to Foreign Taxes?

A number of different actions could result in a company or an investor owing foreign taxes.

You may owe taxes to the U.S. government, a foreign government, or both. Any commercial activity or any investment that results in financial gain is likely to have some international tax implications — though no actual tax payment may be owed.

In many cases, American businesses and investors need to report foreign income, even if they do not owe the federal government any money. If your company has employees in multiple countries, if it is investing a significant amount of money in a foreign country, if it is selling goods or services abroad, or if it owns any property or assets overseas, it is essential that you seek guidance from an experienced international tax law attorney.

Are There Ways to Minimize International Tax Liability?

Yes, there are many different strategies available that can help investors and companies minimize their international tax burden.

Whether any of these strategies will be available or appropriate depends on several factors. With international taxation, planning is crucial. No investor or corporation wants to pay unnecessary or avoidable taxes simply because their business operation or investment was not properly structured.

If you are an American investor, German investor, or if you represent a corporation doing business in the United States or abroad, I can help you devise and implement the proper strategies to minimize your tax burden. 

How Can an International Tax Lawyer Help?

As international tax law is complex, investors and companies should always be ready to seek guidance from a qualified professional.

When you reach out to a lawyer, she or he will:

  • Conduct a confidential and comprehensive review of your case;
  • Take the time to understand your business objectives and answer your questions;
  • Ensure complete compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations; and
  • Devise a viable international tax planning strategy that is best suited to minimize your total tax liability. 

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